Live @ Panke.Gallery

Photo by Hannah Rumstedt

New Monotrail Album: Derive

I am happy to announce a new short Monotrail album, available for free!

In 2017 I released a tape with Gent based label Oggy Records. Before settling on a selection of Live Jams there where plans to make a split-release with another artist. We would both fill one side of the tape with a continuous track of up to 25 minutes, but that plan was never released. Non the less I finished a lot of ideas and recordings. Now I put the last things together and decided to make the track available for free as a digital release on Bandcamp.

As for most of my music, the short album “Derive” is made by jamming on a modular synthesizer, supported with some drums and small synths on the side. It takes the listener on a journey along several genres. It can be downloaded for free (just click “Buy now’ and set your price to 0,-) from my Bandcamp page.

Monotrail Tape Release on Oggy Records

I am proud to announce the first Monotrail Casette, released on Oggy Records! "Selected Jams" features six Live Jams recorded in one take, and previously uploaded on the Monotrail YouTube channel. There are only fifty, and the first ones are gone! By buying this tape or the digital release from my Bandcamp you support both Monotrail and Oggy Records. The cover art is by Dutch artist Toni van Tiel.

The 100th Live Jam is Live!

Support Monotrail on Patreon

Monotrail is reaching the 100th Live Jam! If you are interested in supporting my project, I am now on Patreon.